The Woman Who Cried Murder  November 16 2012

    I Lost Birdie October 15 2012

    In The Baths Of My Prostitute Soul  October 13 2012

    Bloody Bloody Hell, Don’t Touch Me There   October 3 2012

    My Giant Full Of Problems October 2 2012

    Find Me In The Dark, I’m Not Who I Say I am  September 27 2012

    Sweet Sweet Serenity September 26 2012

    Write Me, Babe. September 24 2012

    Whirlpool September 20 2012

    Dog RIght Position September 20 2012

    He’ll September 17 2012

    The silver pen is hard to capture with camera, ive always liked the invisibility of it. I have been painting a lot more with silver oil based pens. Endless the ideas i can draw with it. 

    Lunch Date September 14 2012

    Where is Thumbkin?  September 10 2012

    What do I Owe September 12, 2012

    Hypnosis September 5, 2012

    Note to self: Wednesday is always a good day to paint.